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Forensic Resources maintains a strong and confidential relationship with legal teams, recognising the sensitivity and gravity of the cases they handle. We prioritise open communication, delivering timely and meticulous expert reports that aid legal teams in making informed strategic decisions. 

Our highly experienced experts are well-versed in various forensic disciplines, from DNA analysis to toxicology and their dedication to excellence aligns seamlessly with the objectives of legal practitioners to protect the rights and interests of their clients. 

Primarily we work with Criminal Defence legal teams supplying Criminal Procedure Rules Part 19 compliant reports, however we also provide Civil Procedure Rules Part 35 compliant reports to the following legal departments: 

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Civil Litigation

  • Medical & Professional Negligence 

  • Personal Injury

  • Court of Protection

  • Family Law

  • Regulatory Law

  • Employment Law

  • Wills & Probate

  • Direct access barristers

If you would like to request a meeting about how FR can assist your legal team, please do get in touch. Our meetings can be face-to-face or virtual and can be with an individual or as training for a whole team, to provide Continual Professional Development for the firm.



Forensic Resources takes pride in providing dedicated services to private clients who turn to us for our specialised knowledge. Our commitment to confidentiality and attention to detail ensures that our private clients receive the highest level of professional support for their case.


Often private individuals will contact FR for the following types of cases:

  • Drink/Drug drive cases

  • Signature/handwriting dispute cases 

  • Audio enhancement of recordings

  • Video enhancement of footage

  • DNA testing for paternity cases

  • Digital analysis


As FR is not a legal advice service, we recommend that private individuals seek legal assistance in their cases, if feasible. Please contact us if a recommendation for a type of Solicitor is required. 



Corporate and commercial entities can find themselves requiring expert assistance in a variety of circumstances, such as health & safety, personnel investigations, product defects and much more that they may never expect. 


The majority of our business cases involve insurance fraud investigations, liability disputes and complex claims and we pride ourselves in supplying and advising on niche expert witness services tailored to the unique needs of our clients.


Often the following teams contact us:


  • Insurance Loss Adjusters

  • Human Resources personnel

  • Finance personnel

  • Manufacturing and supply chain managers

  • Business directors

  • Health & Safety managers

  • In-house lawyers


We understand that the realisation that a forensic scientist may be required to assist in a corporate or commercial investigation may be daunting so please do contact us so we can manage your expectations of the processes and what may be available to assist your situation. 

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