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Forensic Tool Mark Analysis for Burglary, Theft and Vandalism Criminal Investigations

Using the leading tool mark analysis technology and equipment available within the forensic industry, Forensic Resources provides expert analysis of all tools used in burglary, theft and vandalism investigations to analyse the link between suspected tools and crimes committed.

All tools carry imperfections, patterns and marks, left during the manufacturing process - and as each embedded mark or pattern is unique, our experts are able to investigate the ‘story' that lies behind the simple act of levering open a window, or the forcing of a door, through unique markings . For the experts at Forensic Resources Ltd, these marks act as individual and original signatures.

Toolmarks can take the form of a negative impression (stamping type) or an abrasion (friction type) mark and are usually microscopic. The carrier of patterns and marks is usually found on the cutting surface of a tool.

Our experts will examine the marks left at a crime scene, and if available a tool that is believed to have been used in the crime. A comparison will be made to see if a positive match can be achieved. This area of expertise can also be applied to the use of weapons at a crime scene and their comparison of the marks left. Sometimes, if the evidence is of high quality, our experts can even tell if a perpetrator was left or right handed.

Weapon markings on a victim may also be analysed via our injury experts.

Forensic Resources provides the following forensic tool mark analysis services:

  •  Forensic Tool Mark Analysis Services
  •  Forensic Burglary Analysis Service
  •  Forensic Crowbar Analysis and Hammer Analysis Service
  •  Forensic Wood Analysis Service
  •  Forensic Pad Lock Analysis Service
  •  Forensic Door Lock Analysis Service
  •  Forensic Paint Analysis Service
  •  Forensic Theft Analysis Service
  •  Forensic Vandalism Analysis Service
  •  Forensic Tool Mark Expert Witness Services

Need to discuss a tool mark case in more detail?

If you require further information on our forensic tool mark analysis service please contact one of our case managers 02920 647 043 or email us through the enquiry form below.


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