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Mobile Phone Forensic Analysis and Cell Site Analysis Services

Using the latest advancements in digital technology, Forensic Resources Ltd has the capacity to provide a comprehensive mobile phone forensic analysis service and cell site analysis service to clients across the UK.

A market leader within the digital forensics industry our experts have the knowledge and experience to retrieve all forms of data stored on mobile phone devices including sim card data recovery, test and sms data recovery, picture recovery and call log recovery.

Using leading industry experts and the latest forensic retrieval technology Forensic Resources can retrieve accurate data from the memory cards and hard drives installed within mobile phone devices. Of the mobile phone data recovered Forensic Resources can retrieve phone book contact numbers from the SIM card including SIM Card contacts locked with a PIN or without the original SIM. Our expert witnesses can also provide a communications data analysis service to investigate usage profiles, call patterns and billing records for mobile phone users.

In summary Forensic Resources provides the following forensic mobile phone services:

  • Sim Card Analysis Service
  • Sim Card Data Retrieval Service
  • Picture retrieval from mobile phone devices
  • Phone book data retrieval service
  • Call log recovery and call log analysis service
  • Text message and SMS message recovery
  • Call Pattern Analysis
  • Usage profiles
  • Forensic Analysis of billing records
  • Forensic Analysis of mobile phone downloads
  • Forensic Mobile Phones Analysis
  • Mobile phone fraud investigation service

Cell Site Analysis Service

Working for defence solicitors across the UK, Forensic Resources Ltd uses Cell Site Analysis to discover the location of suspects during the time a crime was committed using GPS. Cell Site Analysis can also be used to collect SMS messages or phone records from the existing or past mobile history. A recording of a telephone call may also be recovered and used in evidence, however once the recording had been recovered it would be passed onto one of our digital technology experts for further forensic analysis.

Cell Site Analysis is the specialist process of being able to locate the geographical area of a phone when any inbound or outbound calls, SMS or downloads are made either in real time or historically. If a call is made from a mobile phone or a call is received from another phone to the mobile phone in question, or if a SMS is either sent or received then there will be records of this event stored within the mobile phones memory either on a SIM or on the phones digital hard drive. These records are also stored with the mobile phones service provider. Cell Site Analysis services are commonly used by law enforcement agencies to confirm that a suspect was indeed at the scene at the time the crime was committed. Similarly, it can be used by defence solicitors to confirm an alibi.

In addition to the analysis of mobile phones through cell site analysis we can also now analyse satellite navigation devices using our forensic sat nav analysis services. If you wish to know more about this please see Digital Technology.

Need further information on cell site analysis and mobile phone analysis?

If you require further information on Cell Site Analysis, Forensic Mobile Phone Analysis or Forensic Mobile phone data retrieval please don't hesitate to contact one of our mobile forensic experts or email us through the enquiry section below.

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