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Forensic Paint Analysis Services

Offering a professional Forensic Paint Analysis and Forensic Paint Expert Witness Services, Forensic Resources uses specialist technology to analyse all forms of paint layers to aid criminal investigations for defence solicitors across the UK. Our service is also utilised by insurance fraud departments to investigate fraudulent claims on vehicle crashes.

As paint is made up of three main components, the carrier, the binder and vehicle; our forensic paint experts are able to identify the different layers of paint in a hit and run or road traffic accident (RTA) for example.

Painted surfaces are everywhere, so it is not surprising that paint is an important source of trace evidence. The most common form of paint analysis comes from paint chip analysis in car accidents either from one car to another or, in the case of a hit-and-run, from the car to the victim. When analysing paint chips on cars, it is often the under most layer of the surrounding paint that is most informative to a forensic expert thus great care has to be taken to preserve it. Matching chips with flakes of paint that have been knocked off a vehicle during a collision can prove vital when individualising evidence, so great care must be taken not to disturb any features of the surface during evidence collection to allow an accurate match and a detailed analysis to be conducted by a forensic paint expert.

Forensic Resources Ltd provides the following paint expert witness and paint forensic analysis services:

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Do you require further information on Forensic Paint Analysis?

If you require further information on our forensic paint analysis please contact one of our paint expert witnesses through our case manager on 02920 647 043 or email us through the enquiry form below.

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