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Forensic Footwear Analysis and Footprint Analysis Service

Forensic Resources Ltd provides a Forensic Footwear Analysis to public and private sector clients across the UK. Using the latest footprint analysis technology our expert witness and forensic scientist can often identify certain attributes that match a seized piece of evidence. This can prove critical when profiling suspects and witnesses on a crime scene investigation.

The analysis of footwear can place a person at a crime scene, either by the tread marks left in a footprint at the scene, or via trace evidence that may have been caught up in the tread of the shoes. A crucial part of investigative footwear analysis for our experts is that the shoe soles indicate a person's unique walking style. For example those with high arches or those whose feet ‘roll inwards' will have unique wearing pattern on the soles of their shoes.

When analysing assault cases where a victim has been stamped and kicked by a suspect our forensic footwear experts can identify marks on the victim's body which can give an indication of the type of shoe used and the force involved (please also see injury analysis). If there is blood at the crime scene a footprint can often be taken and used as evidence in court.

Footwear marks are the second most common evidence type left at crime scenes. Forensic Resources use forensic footprint analysis to obtain vital information during specific crime scene investigations. These include the identification of a footwear manufacturer, model and shoe size to help profile witness, suspect and victims at a crime scene. For example through using forensic footprint analysis our scientists can identify the approximate height and activity that a person was performing when the shoeprint was made.

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If you require further information on forensic footprint, shoeprint, sole or footwear analysis please contact one of our expert witness team on 02920 647 043 or email us through the enquiry form below.

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