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Our clients are more often than not are Defence Solicitors who are searching for independent forensic scientists to review prosecution reports for the defence, and to provide testimony for court. They come to Forensic Resources to benefit from our 'one stop shop' service where we take the strain out of the expert side of a case. We cover all aspects of the expert witness work such as the analysis selection, expert allocation, case management, document/report review and organisation of court appearances and claims. Solicitors regularly come to us to save their time and costs of organising their expert witnesses. Our main clients come from the following sectors:

Criminal Defence Solicitors Firms- We cover a broad spectrum of scientific analyses for criminal investigations from petty crime to serious crime cases. (See all our services).

Dispute Resolution & Civil Litigation -We often assist with insurance disputes, or document handovers, which often involve accountancy and handwriting analysis respectively.

Family Law - We work on many divorce cases where we can use handwriting analysis of forged divorce documents, social worker services for cases involving custody battles, DNA analysis on infidelity charges and accountancy analysis on financial or company issues.

Media - Media institues often ask for expert advice on news issues that either contain forensic evidence, or those that require forensic evidence. The FRL experts are able to give comments or give full interviews for publication or footage.

Private investigators - We work alongside experienced private investigators, using our experts to analyse and report on information gathered.

Private Clients - Private clients come to us for a number of reasons, but more often than not for BAC calculations for drink driving cases, and for paternity testing via our DNA analysis service.

Please see our services page for a more comprehensive view of what we offer.

If you do not know what type of forensic discipline you require, please do not hesitate to email our senior case manager who will be able to help you source the correct form of analyses for your case or give one of our friendly staff a call


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