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Botany Forensic Testing - A complete analysis and forensic testing service for leaves, bark, grass, flower and plants.

Equipped with the leading technology available within the Forensic Botany Analysis industry, Forensic Resources has the capacity to provide a complete forensic analysis of all forms of Plant, Flowers, Leaves, Wood and Pollen.

In the 21st century, wood, seeds, fruits, leaves, twigs, plant hairs, microscopic air-borne pollen and spores, or in aquatic environmentsall offer multiple sources of evidence, both macroscopic and microscopic. Morphological diversity allows our experts to identify and gather information such as the season or geographical location in which a crime took place, whether a body has been moved following a murder; if a body is buried, how long it has been buried, and whether a suspect was present at the crime scene.

Assessing plant evidence requires well trained specialists with access to extensive reference collections. Forensic Resources' botanical experts are the best of a small and select number of specialists in this fascinating area of criminal science.

Also see Palynology

Forensic Resources can offer the following Botany Forensic Services:

  • Palynology Analysis and Testing
  • Plant Forensic Analysis and Testing
  • Flower and Flowers Forensic Analysis and Testing
  • Pollen Forensic Analysis and Testing
  • Leaves Analysis and Testing
  • Bark Forensic Analysis and Testing
  • Seed Forensic Analysis and Testing

Need to know more information about Forensic Botany Analysis?

If you would like to discuss details of any criminal case involving the forensic analysis of Plant and Flower particles (Botany Forensics) please call us or email us through the enquiry form below.

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