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Urine Alcohol Testing, Urine Drug Testing and Urine Analysis Services

Forensic Resources provide Urine Alcohol Testing, Urine Drug Testing and Urine Analysis Service to public and private sector clients across the UK.

Working predominantly with defence solicitors, Forensic Resources can provide forensic urine analysis expert witness reports for a wide range of criminal investigations including sexual assaults, drink and drug related driving cases, healthcare and social care disputes and negligent employee testing

Forensic Resources uses Urine Drug Testing Analysis for several different industries including employee drug and alcohol testing, sport team drug testing and to support drink driving investigations by police authorities.

Forensic Resources test urine samples at accredited laboratories based across the UK and have quick turn around times to assure evidence is ready available to our clients with little hassle or delay.

Need to know more information about Urine Analysis and Urine Testing Services?

If you require further information on Urine Alcohol Testing, Urine Drug Testing or any other form of Forensic Urine Analysis please contact Forensic Resources Ltd.

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