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Forensic Toxicology Services

Forensic Resources Ltd provides a professional toxicology service to identify banned substances within a person's bloodstream. Our dedicated toxicology expert witness team have experience in providing toxicology analysis reports as evidence in criminal investigations and provide expert witness statements in court when necessary.

In order to investigate the use of drugs for either personal use or as a method of poisoning, our team of forensic toxicologists uses the disciplines of toxicology, analytical chemistry, pharmacology and clinical chemistry to evaluate such cases.

Using a series of techniques, our qualified experts will analyse physical symptoms of the suspect and the evidence found at the scene such as powders, pills and containers, before determining which and at what levels chemicals are present in the body. This is further complicated by the fact that once a chemical enters the blood stream and the organs, its original form is altered - for example: heroin is almost immediately metabolised into morphine.

Forensic Toxicology Analysis can also test for drug use in certain industries where staff are given routine drug tests. Forensic Resources can provide the following Toxicology services:

  • Forensic Poison Analysis
  • Forensic Chemical Toxicology Analysis
  • Forensic Toxicology Analysis
  • Forensic Drug Analysis
  • Poison Expert Witness Services

In addition to our poison analysis and substance analysis other areas of forensic analysis that could be of interest include drug on banknote analysis, blood alcohol testing and Drug Analysis.

Contact us for more information on Forensic Poison Analysis and Toxicology Services.

If you would like to know more information on our forensic poison analysis and toxicology services please contact our senior case manager or email us through the enquiry form below.

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