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Paternity Testing and Forensic Paternity Analysis Service

Using the leading DNA technology, Forensic Resources Ltd provides Forensic DNA Analysis and Forensic DNA Paternity Testing Services to both public and private sector clients across the UK.

Forensic Resources Ltd offer a national Forensic DNA Paternity Testing service as criminal investigations may involve paternity testing where conception is a result of the crime - particularly in cases such as rape and incest. In addition Forensic paternity tests can help police identify missing persons - through the DNA testing of other family members for example. In some cases divorce settlements also bring with them a matter of paternity questioning.

Our team at Forensic Resources handle many samples, under a strict chain of custody - and our client list includes private clients and private investigators as well as officials such as the Police, Solicitors, the Prison Service, and the Courts.

Perhaps the most commonly known method of forensic analysis, DNA profiling (also called DNA testing) or genetic fingerprinting, is the technique employed by our experts in the collection of objects or samples of body matter to ascertain the identity of individuals based upon their unique DNA profile, or an encrypted set of numbers that reflect a person's individual makeup.

Forensic Resources Ltd provide forensic paternity testing kits to clients where a sample of DNA must be enclosed and sent back to us for further analysis.

Forensic Resources provide the following Forensic Paternity Testing and Forensic DNA Analysis services:

  • Paternity Testing Services
  • Paternity Analysis Services
  • Siblings DNA Testing Service
  • Child DNA Testing Service
  • Family DNA Testing Service
  • DNA Testing Service
  • DNA Expert Witness Services
  • DNA Profiling Service
  • DNA Fingerprint Service
  • DNA Forensic Analysis Service
  • Paternity Expert Witness Service
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    If you require further information on our forensic paternity testing and forensic paternity analysis service please contact one of our forensic team or email us through the enquiry form below.

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