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Forensic Insurance Document Analysis for Fraud Investigation and Counterfeit Documents

Working for the financial services industry, Forensic Resources provides expert forensic analysis services for insurance firms to identify fraudulent activity in the form of counterfeit documents, handwriting discrepancies or forged documentation. Our popular service can help save insurance companies hundreds of thousands of pounds each year by reducing the number of fraudulent claims paid out to deceptive customers.

With insurance fraud growing, it has become increasingly necessary within the insurance industry to pay closer attention to the documentation being submitted for each claim where fraudsters may see an opportunity to claim for large sums of money which they are not entitled to.

Operating across the UK, Forensic Resources Ltd provides insurance companies, and mediating solicitors firms, with a professional insurance document analysis service to help identify fraudulent claims and counterfeit documents. Our insurance document analysis service can be part of an ongoing document investigation service or used as a one off to help save significant amounts of money each year.

How do we use forensic document analysis to identify fraudulent claims?

Our qualified document experts can identify forged documents through several techniques including the analysis of print processes, handwriting analysis and forged documentation investigation. Our document experts can also use inferred/ultraviolet document examination technology to identify discrepancies unseen to the human eye.

Our handwriting analysis experts can identify an array of alterations on any given document where handwriting, tracing and indentation may be suspicious. This can often be identified through types of ink used on a document or a mutation in the style of a person's handwriting. Our handwriting and document analysis service enables our experts to identify fraudulent activity before a claim has been paid out by an insurance company.

Our core forensic insurance document analysis includes:

Please also see fraud investigation, handwriting analysis, forensic accounting and forensic consumables analysis.

Need to know more information about Forensic Insurance Document Analysis and Fraud Investigation?

If you would like to know more information about forensic document analysis, fraud investigation or counterfeit document analysis please contact one of our case managers or email us through the enquiry form below.

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