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Forensic Injury Analysis

Our team of medical experts at Forensic Resources Ltd investigate and identify injuries caused by a crime or accident, and in the case of a claim, determine if the injuries were caused by the incident in question, or whether they are false accusations. Injury experts may be asked to evaluate the medical records of a claimant including identifying past and pre-existing conditions, before providing an independent critique of the claimant's physical health.

Our medical experts have extensive experience in a number of areas involving soft tissue injuries, paediatrics, rape examinations and orthopaedic examinations. Our orthopaedic surgeons are often required to examine whiplash victims in insurance investigations. We also have experts who specialise in respiratory examinations. Such examinations are often required in Blood Alcohol Content Calculation (BAC/BACK) cases for determining whether or not an individual truly cannot produce enough breath for the breathalyser test, or if they are simply not willing to comply.

Forensic Resources ltd can provide the following forensic injury analysis services:

  • Examination of injury's caused through domestic violence.
  • Examination of injury's caused Child abuse
  • Examination of injury's caused through bite marks from dogs and other household pets
  • Examination and analysis of personal injuries suffered in the work place
  • Examination of injuries leading to personal injury claims
  • Insurance injury investigations service
  • Orthopaedic injury examination
  • Chiropractic injury examination
  • Sports injury analysis
  • Expert Witness Service for Injury Investigations
  • Medical negligence examination
  • Accident Reconstruction and Airbag Injury Analysis
  • Vehicle Injury Analysis
  • Pedestrian Injury Analysis
  • False Injury Investigation Service

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If you require further information on our Forensic Injury Analysis Service please contact one of our expert witnesses through our case manager or email us through the enquiry form below.

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