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Forensic Hair Analysis and Drug Testing of Hair Follicles

Providing forensic hair analysis services to defence solicitors across the UK, Forensic Resources Ltd are equipped with the latest technology to provide a comprehensive forensic hair testing and hair analysis service to provide evidence for criminal investigations. Whether it is an assault, drug related or theft investigation our expert witness team can provide the appropriate forensic hair analysis to satisfy your requirements.

Our experts perform hair analysis to ascertain the presence of illegal drugs and heavy metals in the body, and DNA testing, among others. As hair can be transferred from location to location by physical contact, the presence of a specific person's hair can link a suspect or a victim to a crime scene.

Forensic examination of hair roots can be crucial for our experts when investigating violent crime. If hairs fall out naturally the root will have a club shape. Hair pulled out with force however, will show a root that is stretched or broken and may have tissue attached. Examiners can also determine if hair has been burned, cut, or crushed.

Cells associated with the hair root can also be extracted and used for DNA analysis. Analysis of the DNA in the nucleus of the cell can be used for determining identity and DNA from the y-chromosome focuses on questions of paternity.

Forensic Resources are able to offer forensic hair testing for coordinators of rehabilitation programs to ensure their members are following their program and not participating in the consumption of alcohol or drugs and they are completing their agreed rehabilitation protocols.

Forensic hair analysis is also used in date rape criminal investigations to identify whether the victim had any date rape drug within their system. Forensic Resources uses forensic hair analysis to determine whether a date rape drug, such as Rohypnol, was used to sedate the suspect. Our toxicologists can often identify from the hair analysis when the incident took place and the quantities of alcohol or drugs present within a person's system.

For additional information on hair analysis, please also see Trace Analysis or Drug Testing.

Do you require further information on forensic hair analysis services?

If you require further information on forensic hair analysis or the drug testing of hair follicles please contact one of our expert witnesses through our case manager or email us through the enquiry form below.

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