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Forensic Gun Shot Residue (GSR) Analysis Service

Using the latest Gunshot Residue Analysis techniques, Forensic Resources Ltd has the ability to provide a comprehensive Gun Shot Residue forensic analysis service to defence solicitors across the UK. Our expert witnesses have experience in analysing gunshot residue on clothing, firearms and around a crime scene to provide expert witness reports for criminal investigations.

Gunshot residue is created once the gunpowder in the barrel of a firearm is ignited and the bullet is propelled out at very high speed. At this stage gunpowder is converted to gas, and as the bullet emerges from the firearm so does the gunshot residue. This will result in a 'fan' pattern, or cone shape and can travel to distances of 3-5 feet and more, though at the farthest distance, only a few trace particles may be present.

Consisting of tiny balls, flakes, or discs, the various shapes of residue can be identified by our experts via microscopic examination. This technique will also show the chemical makeup of the residue such as lead, nitrate, charcoal, and sulphur. Nitrocellulose and nitro-glycerine may also be present.

Gunshot residue can remain on clothing and skin even after being washed so our experts are often able to compare residues found on a firearm, at the scene and on a suspected perpetrator.

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Forensic Resources can provide the following gunshot residue analysis services:

  • Forensic analysis of gun powder
  • Forensic analysis of clothing contaminated by gun powder residue
  • Gunshot residue analysis (GSR)
  • Forensic analysis of bullet shells
  • Forensic firearm analysis
  • Forensic gunpowder analysis
  • Forensic trace analysis
  • Expert witness services for gunshot residue (GSR)
  • Gunshot residue crime scene investigation

Do you require further information on Gun Shot Residue Analysis?

If you require further information on Forensic Gun Shot Residue Analysis please contact one of our expert witnesses through our case manager or email us through the enquiry form below.

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