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Forensic Glass Analysis Service

Utilising the experience and expertise of our glass experts, Forensic Resources Ltd can provide a comprehensive forensic glass analysis for all types of glass and glass fragments to aid criminal investigations.

Glass can be used as evidence in crimes ranging from burglaries, RTA accidents, murder, assault, 'ram-raids', criminal damage and thefts of motor vehicles amongst other incidents. As the manufacture of glass varies greatly, even tiny fragments can help our experts in their investigation of a crime scene. Conclusions can be made as to whether the breakage was from inside or outside the glass, with the addition of comparisons of glass later found on a suspect(s).

Glass forensics can be found on hair, clothing and footwear for example when a window is broken the number of fragments transferred decreases rapidly with distance from the broken pane and types of holding material. Thus, a woollen jumper or sole of a shoe will hold fragments of glass for longer periods of time than a leather jacket - though fragments may be retained in jacket pockets or cuffs. These can all be analysed by our trace analysis team.

During chemical analysis, sand and other materials used in the manufacture of the glass can be used to distinguish between differing compositions and in addition, microscopic examination illustrates whether the glass is flat and/or patterned, both from window panes, or curved glass - such as drinking glasses or bottles. Our forensic glass experts may also perform further glass analysis and testing to identify toughened glass - such as that found in some motor vehicles and some domestic and industrial door and window glazing.

In addition to glass analysis we also provide Trace Analysis service to analyse traces of broken glass on a crime scene.

The forensic analysis of glass can be utilised in a variety of different investigations and circumstances. Forensic Resources has recently provided glass analysis services including:

  • Glass analysis for arson and vandalism investigations
  • Glass analysis for insurance fraud investigation
  • Forensic analysis of glass fractures
  • Forensic glass comparison services
  • Forensic analysis of clothing for glass fragments for criminal investigations
  • Glass expert witness services

Need more information on glass analysis and glass expert witness services?

If you require further information on Forensic Glass Analysis please contact one of our expert witnesses through our case manager or email us through the enquiry form below.

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