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Forensic Food Investigation, Food Expert Witness and Consumables Analysis

Working for manufacturers across the world, Forensic Resources Ltd (FRL) provides an accurate forensic analysis and investigation service for the food and consumables industry to aid criminal investigations where consumables have been damaged or contaminated by means of malicious intent.

Forensic Resources expert witness team provide forensic expert witness analysis on all types of consumables including food, drink, toys, sportswear, software, hardware and electronics to identify whether an employee or another member of the general public has sabotaged, damaged, infected, contaminated or stolen any product being manufactured or distributed.

This specialist forensic analysis service can help save companies significant sums of money each year by improving quality control and identifying employees that are effecting the performance of the business. Our forensic analysis team can use a variety of investigative methods to help identify possible suspects whom could have maliciously damaged consumables produced by the business. These methods often include

Forensic Resources provides the following forensic food and forensic consumable analysis services:

  • Forensic Food Analysis
  • Forensic Malicious Food Testing Service
  • Forensic Food Investigation Services
  • Forensic Drink Analysis
  • Employee Forensic Screening Service for sabotage criminal investigations
  • Forensic Drink Investigation
  • Forensic Consumables Analyses
  • Food Expert Witness Services
  • Forensic Food Testing Services
  • Forensic Consumables DNA Testing
  • Malicious food testing analysis
  • Food and Drink Theft Analysis and Investigation
  • Forensic vandalism analysis service

Need more information on Forensic Food and Forensic Consumable Analysis?

If you would like to know more information on forensic food analysis, forensic consumables analysis, consumable expert witness services or any other forensic food testing services please contact our senior case manager or email us through the enquiry form below.

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