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Forensic Firearm Analysis and Ballistic Investigation Service

Forensic Resources Ltd provides a Forensic Fire Arm Investigation Service to defence solicitors across the UK. Our firearms/ballistics experts cover all elements of firearm use in a criminal event. Our firearms experts are able to reconstruct the events of a shooting with information gathered from the various tests performed by the firearms examiner.

Details such as what kind of gun was fired, at what distance and angle, and possibly the exact sequence of events can be determined. As with ballistics, a bullet or cartridge case can be positively associated with a particular firearm to the exclusion of all others, which may be the only piece of evidence at the scene. A positive match of a suspect's firearm and a bullet or cartridge case from a scene can provide all the evidence needed for trial. In addition, the gun and the bullet can be individually analysed for a variety of factors such as tool marks and tampering. Many different elements can be studied in the field of ballistics, from the patterns left on the bullet after it has been fired, to if there is gun shot residue (GSR) left on the clothes or skin of the person who fired the gun. Our experts can also work on comparisons of bullets found at a scene, compared to the firearm retrieved from a suspect. Most guns have their own unique identifying features and even if the firearm has been removed from a crime scene, our experts can identify crucial information such as rifling patterns, marks made by using suppressors (silencers), shell casings and powder burn.

Forensic Resources can provide the following firearm forensic services:

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