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Forensic Fibre Analysis

Fibre is regarded by many experts as the most common and integral piece of evidence located at a scene of crime. Forensic Resources ltd provides forensic fibre analysis for all forms of fibres to help support or discredited evidence used in criminal investigations.

Connecting a suspect to a crime from purely trace evidence of a very small nature is an incredibly specialised undertaking - particularly as our forensic experts are concerned not with strands of yarn, but sometimes rather minute broken fragments of individual fibres. These materials can be finer than human hair and can often be no more than a millimetre in length. Our experts follow intensive microscopic methods including separation, cleaning and mounting of fibres before undertaking comparison of a suspects clothing. Analysis of dyes and fixing agents is also paramount in the identification of fibres.

Our experts can also provide valuable associate evidence in cases such as hit and run, where crushed paint has made contact with the victims clothing, and the examination of oils, grease, wax, soil residue and vegetation can all be traced and used as evidence from the forensic study of clothing. The value of fibre identification for our experts is largely dependent on the type, colour and/or variation of colour, number of fibres found and location.

Hair and Fibres are two of the most important resources in Forensic Science and are often responsible for providing valuable clues as to the identity of an assailant or attacker. The discovery of Fibres is essential when determining what an attacker or killer was wearing at the time of an incident. Forensic Resources use forensic fibre analysis as means of determining the type of clothing worn during a incident and our experienced forensic scientists can often identify the brand of the garment and thus the manufacturer. In many instances this forensic fibre analysis technique is so successful that garments that are rare or custom made for examples suits -can be identified and a list of possible suspects can be shortlisted by the number of units sold.

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Our Forensics Fibre Analysis Service is regarded as one of the leading fibre analysing services offered in the UK and we are proud that our quality approach to investigating fibres strands continues to set a benchmark within the forensic analysis industry.

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