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Forensic Drug Testing Services

Forensic Resources Ltd offers an established drug testing service for the public and private sector. Using the latest advances in forensic technology our dedicated drug testing team can provide a complete in-house drug testing and drug analysis service to meet your requirements.

Drug Testing Expert Witness Services for defence solicitors

Working with defence solicitors across the UK, Forensic Resources provides a comprehensive drug analysis and drug expert witness service at a competitive rate. Forensic Resources allocates one case manager per case so that attention to detail is paramount and communication is always to one point of contact.

Forensic Resources can provide the following Drug Testing and Drug Analysis Services:

Please also see Toxicology Services.

If you would like to know more information on our Forensic Drug Analysis, Drug Testing or Drug Expert Witness Services please contact our senior case manager or email us through the enquiry form below.

Employee Drug Testing Services

Working with clients across the public and private sector Forensic Resources provide one of the countries leading employee drug testing and drug analysis services. Our team of forensic drug testing experts can provide anything from on site sampling to laboratory drug testing services.

Our employee drug testing services cover all industries including haulage, rail, aviation, military, healthcare, social work and law enforcement. Our dedicated team can provide anything from pre employment drug testing, random drug testing, sports team drug testing or incident related drug testing on a swift and confidential basis. Forensic Resources can provide any form of employee drug testing which include Urine Drug Testing, Blood Drug Testing, Saliva Drug Testing, and Hair Drug Testing. We also have the resources to provide onsite sampling, laboratory drug testing or drug testing kits to meet your requirements.

Drug Testing Your Workforce

There are several reasons why an employer may decide to test for drugs in their workforce. These reasons range from an emphasis on quality control, employee well being, health and safety legislation through to reducing risks at work or to identify an employee suspected of drug use after an incident at work. Employee Drug Testing is also commonly used during pre employment screening to ensure that a new employee is safe to work within a given environment.

To test employees for drugs however requires written employee consent. Employee consent should normally be given when the employer has grounds for testing you under a full contractual occupational health and safety policy. This policy should be set out in an employee contract of employment or in the company handbook.

An employer should limit testing to the employees that need to be tested to deal with the risk, unless for legal reasons the entire workforce requires testing. If an employer wishes to carry out random drugs tests of a selection of its workforce through random drug testing, then tests should be genuinely random. It's potentially discriminatory to single out particular employees for testing unless this is justified by the nature of their jobs or reasons for their selection over other employees.

Selecting employees for random drug testing is a sensitive matter and employers are recommended to have a written policy on this for protection if the testing lead to a legal dispute in the future. Employee Drug Testing should respect privacy, for example be carried out by a member of the same sex and take place with an witness expert present. Forensic Resources can provide expert witness and testing service for all forms of employee drug testing.

Employees can't be made to participate in a drugs test, but if employees refuse to participate in a drug test when the employer has good grounds for testing the employee under a proper occupational health and safety policy - the employee in questions may face disciplinary action, including being sacked.

Forensic Resources offer the following employee drug testing services:

Pre-employment Drug Testing and Employee Drug Screening Service
Forensic Resources provide a comprehensive drug testing service for potential employees as part of the recruitment process to establish whether applicants have a history of drug or alcohol misuse. This service is often used for the rail, aviation, military and law enforcement industries. Although recently there has been a significant increase in the number of employee drug screening tests for those employees looking to work in the health care and road haulage industries.

Random Drug Testing Service
Forensic Resources provide random employee drug testing services and drug testing kits for unannounced testing of a specific proportion of employees in a employers workforce. This can often act as a deterrent for all employees from participating in the recreational use of drugs.

Cause and Incident Relevant Drug Testing Service.
Following a breach of health and safety policies or an incident / accident within a workplace due to a suspicion of drug or alcohol use in the workplace can lead to a drug test for the employee involved. Forensic Resources can provide efficient drug tests for incidents of this nature and strive to return results within 3-5 working days - unless highly specific testing is required. Forensic Resources always work on a confidentiality basis and results are not made public.

Employee Drug Rehabilitation Testing Service
Forensic Resources offers a Drug Testing Service for any employees who have been through treatment for drug or alcohol misuse before they return to work. There are several methods for this form of testing from supplying drug testing kits, to urine and blood alcohol testing services.

Sports Team Drug Testing Service
Working with sports teams across the UK, Forensic Resources provide a comprehensive drug testing and steroid testing service for sports teams and sports governing bodies across the UK. If you would like to know more information on the services please see our Sports Drug Testing Services page on the website.

Drug Hair Testing Service
Working with Alcohol Anonymous Centres across the UK, Forensic Resources provide an alcohol testing service to members of the program to assure they are reducing or quitting the consumption of alcohol.

Contact us for more information on Employee Drug Testing and Expert Witness Services
If you would like to know more information on our employee drug testing services, sports drug testing services or any other drug testing services please contact our senior case manager or email us through the enquiry form below.

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