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Forensic CCTV Video Analysis and Forensic Digital Technology Analysis

Offering forensic CCTV video analysis, video recording analysis and other forms of digital technology analysis, Forensic Resources have the expertise to provide a comprehensive digital expert witness service for solicitors across the UK.

CCTV plays an important role in the forensic investigation of crimes. Video cameras are typically used to produce images to a non-broadcast transmission system and are a ubiquitous feature of many security systems, such as those found in the police force, banks, prisons, large conglomerates, and various public institutions such as airports. Our team of experts at Forensic Resources will study the footage from video cameras in any suspicious circumstances when a crime is believed to have been committed.

Forensic Resourced Ltd can provide forensic analysis for the following digital technology:

  • Forensic CCTV Video Analysis
  • Forensic Video Recovery Service
  • Forensic Sat Nav Analysis and Satellite Navigation Analysis
  • Forensic Digital Recordings Analysis
  • Forensic Computer Analysis
  • Forensic Hard drive analysis
  • Forensic Database Analysis
  • Forensic Digital Camera Analysis
  • Forensic Digital Photography Analysis
  • Forensic Sound Recording Analysis

For forensic digital analysis of other digital technologies please see Cell Site Analysis, Computer Analysis and Mobile Phone Forensic Analysis.

Need to know more information about Forensic Digital Technology Analysis?

If you require further information on computer forensic analysis, hard drive analysis or data recovery please don't hesitate to contact one of our mobile forensic experts or email us through the enquiry section below.

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