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Forensic DNA Analysis and Paternity DNA Testing

Offering a single source solution for all types of forensic DNA analysis, Forensic Resources is proud to offer a comprehensive DNA testing and investigation service at a competitive rate. Forensic Resources offers two forensic DNA Analysis Services. Our core forensic dna analysis service is for the legal services industry, to provide evidence in legal cases or aid criminal investigations. The second DNA analysis service that we provide is DNA analysis for paternity testing to resolve family disputes and resolve uncertainties of a Childs DNA.

Forensic DNA Analysis and Expert Witness Services for defence solicitors

Forensic DNA Analysis is perhaps the most commonly known method of forensic analysis, DNA profiling (also called DNA testing, DNA typing, or genetic fingerprinting) is the technique employed by our experts in the collection of objects or samples of body matter to ascertain the identity of individuals based upon their unique DNA profile, or an encrypted set of numbers that reflect a person's individual makeup.

In the instance that a suspect has their DNA logged on a police database, our experts are able to make comparisons with objects and sample matter found at the crime scene, and thus eliminate or match the suspect to the crime.

Given that 99.9% of human DNA sequences are the same in every person, our experts are able to utilise and illustrate the fractional percentage that is different in each of us in order to distinguish one individual from another.

Forensic Resources can provide DNA Analysis on Human DNA found on various sources including:

  • Cigarette and Cigar DNA
  • DNA on Diabetic Glucose Sticks
  • DNA from Hairs with roots
  • DNA from chewing gum
  • DNA from hats and scalves
  • DNA from Tooth Brushes
  • DNA from bed sheets, pillows and blankets
  • DNA from eye glasses
  • DNA from drinking cans and bottles
  • DNA from Fingernails
  • DNA extracting from post mortem tissue
  • DNA from licked stamps and envelopes
  • DNA from bones
  • DNA from plasters
  • DNA from dirty laundry
  • DNA from carpets
  • DNA from blood

In addition to the information above please also see Trace Analysis (LINK) Fingerprint Analysis (LINK)

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If you require further information on Forensic DNA Analysis and DNA Testing please don't hesitate to contact one of our forensic experts or email us through the enquiry form below.

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