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Computer Forensics and Computer Data Analysis

With a leading team of digital and computer analysers, Forensic Resources has been recognised as one of the country's leading forensic experts within the computer forensic analysis and hard drive investigation industry.

Used in criminal cases, civil litigation, and employment proceedings, computer forensics deals with the collection and analysis of computer related evidence, such as the investigation into deleted or hidden information on hard drives. This can include a computer system, hard disk or CD-ROM, an email message or JPEG image, or a sequence of files moving over a computer network.

Our experts at Forensic Resources also have subsequent branches of study, such as firewall, network, database and mobile device forensics.

During court cases our forensic experts may be called upon to analyse computer systems belonging to defendants (in criminal cases) or litigants (in civil cases). Other cases where our experts are paramount to proceedings are in the recovery of data in the event of a hardware or software failure; the analysis of computer systems after a break-in, for example, to determine how the attacker gained access and what the attacker did; to give evidence against an employee that an organisation may wish to terminate.

Our experts at Forensic Resources will typically recover the majority of lost or deleted information, even if that data was purposely destroyed or hidden. At Forensic Resources Ltd we go far beyond the typical recovery technique in order to bring our clients complete satisfaction in information retrieval, computer hardware analysis and computer data analysis.

We can assist solicitors, private investigators, government agencies and the police in whatever service they may require. Our team of computer experts have been involved in cases including:

  • Intellectual property theft
  • Suspected computer misuse
  • Executive misconduct
  • Employment dispute
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Satellite Navigation (Sat nav) forensic analysis
  • Vandalism and Arson Investigation.

Need more information on Forensic Computer Analysis?

If you require further information on computer forensic analysis, hard drive analysis or data recovery please do not hesitate to contact one of our computer forensic experts or email us through the enquiry section below.

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