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Forensic Body Fluids Analysis for the testing of Urine, Semen, Saliva and Faeces.

Operating a body fluid forensic testing and analysis service for clients across the UK, Forensic Resources Ltd's scientists and expert witnesses have the resources to produce in depth analysis of all forms of body fluids including Semen Analysis, Saliva Analysis, Faeces Analysis, Sweat Analysis, Urine Analysis and any other body fluid analysis.

Body fluids, whether excreted or secreted, help our forensic experts compile detailed reports on sexual assaults, death, and the identification of attackers among other things.

The most common bodily fluids to be found are blood, semen, serum, saliva and sometimes - given the severity of the crime - urine or faeces. It is the job of our forensic experts to establish if any of the samples sent to us are indeed body fluids, and then take the necessary steps to have them tested in various ways, most commonly for DNA analysis.

Need to know more information on body fluid analysis?

If you would like to discuss details of any Body Fluid Analysis whether its Semen Analysis, Saliva Analysis, Sweat Analysis, Faeces Analysis or Urine Analysis offered by Forensic Resources Ltd please call our dedicated team or email us through the enquiry form below.

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