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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Services and Blood Stain Investigation Services

A leading forensic analysis and expert witness provider for Blood Stain Analysis, Blood Pattern Analysis and Crime Scene Investigation. Forensic Resources provides a comprehensive blood pattern analysis service to defence solicitors across the UK at a competitive rate.

Blood Pattern Analysis (BPA) has played a crucial role at the scenes of violent crime for many years, and provides our experts at Forensic Resources with an integral component in the reconstruction of events. Blood Pattern Analysis (BPA) determines how blood staining was caused on both clothing and weapons, as well as at the scene of the crime. It is also possible to establish the approximate positions of assailants and victims and the sequence of events through a thorough Blood Pattern Analysis. Disturbances to the scene and the presence of spattered or clotted blood give indications to both the assailant's behaviour (tampering with evidence) as well as the nature and time span of the assault.

Various patterns of staining also indicate blood from different sources, and frequently determine the samples that are taken for DNA profiling. It is also possible to assess the degree in which the assailant would have become bloodstained during the attack. Below are some of the forms of blood stain patterns we have encountered:

  • Passive bloodstain
  • Projected bloodstains
  • Transfer/Contact bloodstains
  • "Velocity" impact blood stains
  • Low velocity impact spatter stain
  • Medium velocity impact blood spatter stains
  • High velocity impact blood spatter stains

From a Blood Stain Pattern Report provided by an expert at Forensic Resources Ltd evidence can be examined for either prosecution or defence teams.

Our trained forensic scientists and expert witnesses have a wealth of experience in blood pattern analysis. The Forensic Resources team can evaluate through the distribution, size and shapes of bloodstains on a victim, suspect or at a crime scene just what has taken place which will aid the interpretation and the reconstruction of the events which would have lead to the blood pattern found.

Our forensic scientists have extensive laboratory and crime scene experience and recognise the importance of carrying out accurate experiments to support their evidential findings. Working across the UK for predominately defence solicitors we have the resources to provide:

  • re-examination of Blood Pattern evidence previously examined by the prosecution to identify blood not previously found and to ensure that no other evidence type missed with the initial examination.
  • Forensic Resources will check that the procedure used to examine the evidence and the Blood Pattern Analysis (BPA) itself were in conjunction with the laboratory's quality management procedures and also access whether the Blood Pattern analysis could have been contaminated when originally examined.
  • Examine the interpretation of the blood pattern analysis produced by the prosecution scientist exploring weaknesses and strengths of the interpretation.
  • Forensic Resources will produce a detailed report of all relevant findings ready for court or further investigation. One of our specialist expert witnesses will give evidence in court if necessary for any Blood Pattern Analysis undertaken at Forensic Resources Ltd.
  • Our dedicated expert witness will check and assess the credibility of all evidence produced at trial and assess the prosecution's Blood Pattern analysis (BPA) expert witness.

Need to know more information about blood pattern analysis?

If you would like to discuss details of any Blood Pattern Analysis Service offered by Forensic Resources Ltd, please call our dedicated team or email us through the enquiry form below.

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