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Audio Forensic Analysis, Audio Enhancement and Audio Expert Witness Services

Providing the legal defence industry with an expert audio analysis and forensic audio enhancement service, Forensic Resources Ltd has become the market leader in providing accurate audio enhancement and audio transcripts to aid criminal investigations for clients located across the UK.

Utilising the latest audio analysis technology our sound experts specialise in the enhancement of recordings from any source and can complete precise transcriptions, verification and authentication, audibility analysis, voice identification and suspect elimination.

Forensic Resources audio experts have backgrounds in audio engineering, architecture, music, speech, and telecommunications which is why our sound analysis services are recognised as one of the best in the UK for translating and cross examining all audio and acoustic-related sound bites.

Forensic Resources can provide the following Audio Analysis Services

  • Audio Expert Witness Service
  • Forensic Sound Analysis
  • Forensic Audio Analysis
  • Audio Enhancement Services
  • Audio Recordings Analysis
  • Audio Transcripts Service
  • Audio Verification Service
  • Audio Voice Analysis and Voice Recognition Services

Need to know more information about Audio Analysis and Forensic Audio Enhancement?

If you would like to know more information about our forensic audio analysis service or our audio enhancement services please contact our senior case manager or email us through the enquiry form below.

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