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Arson Expert Witness and Fire Forensic Crime Scene Investigation Service

Through our extensive experience operating within the forensics industry Forensic Resources Ltd have built up a reputation for providing comprehensive forensic arson analysis and reports of sites effected by Arson and Fire to aid criminal investigations.

Forensic Resources have found one of the most common criminal causes for arson is fraudulent insurance claims. During fire investigation cases, when an individual or individuals deliberately sets fire to a property or vehicle with an intention to cause damage, an expert team are called in to investigate the cause of the fire. Our arson specialists at Forensic Resources (FRL) begin their examinations at the ground level of an incident as this is where the fire begins. Signs such as lingering heat, depth of charring, flaking of cement and plaster, distorted plastic, metal or glass resulting from prolonged burning, and damaged ceiling and structural damage, are all crucial elements to understanding the circumstances of the fire.

The next step is to investigate the cause of the fire. In most cases an arsonist will usually use an 'accelerant' agent to speed up the burning process, such as petrol, electric timers or perhaps a smouldering cigarette. Forensic Resources' investigators will also ascertain the presence of unburned fuels or solvents, as well as irregular liquid pooling marks. If these signs are not present at the site, our investigators may use hydrocarbon detectors to detect concentrations of agents that speed up fires and if anything suspicious is found, remove it for further analysis in our laboratory. Fire examination is a very intricate discipline so please contact us for more details on this.

Forensic Resources Ltd can provide the following forensic analyses for arson cases:

  • Forensic Arson Crime Scene Investigation and Analysis
  • Examination, testing and reporting of physical evidence attained from the scene
  • Provide footprint of incident from the cause of fire to the end course had it not been extinguished
  • Forensic Arson Investigation
  • Forensic Arson Analysis
  • Provide detailed analysis of materials in fire and their contribution to the spread of blaze, level of smoke produced and risk to the public.
  • Provision of comprehensive and comprehendible reports from one of our dedicated expert witnesses suitable for submission to court or for further aid in any investigation.

Need to know further information about Arson Investigation and Arson Analysis?

If you would like to find out more information about Forensic Resources Arson Investigation, Fire Expert Witness and Arson forensic services please contact our dedicated case managers or email us through the enquiry form below.

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