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Archaeological Expert Witness and Forensic Analysis Services

Our archaeology expert witnesses are highly skilled in interpreting landscapes and performing topographical surveys in order to locate possible areas of burial sites, such as in homicide cases. Accomplished in geophysical surveying and interpretation, our teams' superior levels of proficiency and experience enables precise pinpointing of burial locations, even if the area(s) have been well hidden.

Excavation techniques used by our specialist team of archaeological experts mean that we are able to work in reverse from the actions of the perpetrator and thus expose the body(s) and any subsequent evidence at the site.

Forensic Resources' archaeological experts are able to comprehensively interpret the burial environment in such a way that the collection of even minute pieces of evidence, such as pollen, poisons absorbed into the ground, powders, blood stains, and gunshot residue is possible. Our team is a multidisciplinary team consisting of archaeologists and geophysicists and provide a set of skills to enable a full search, location and excavation of any clandestine 'burial(s)'. Our forensic archaeologists are extensively trained and have been involved in a myriad of excavations - making them highly sought after scientists.

Forensic Resources Ltd provides the following archaeological expert witness and forensic analysis services:

  • Homicide Forensic Analysis, Investigation and Reporting
  • Genocide Forensic Analysis, Investigation and Reporting
  • Forensic Evidence Extraction and Testing
  • Topographical Forensic Survey
  • Archaeology Forensic Analysis
  • Archaeological Evidence Extraction and Analysis
  • Archaeological Expert Witness Services

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