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Why Choose Forensic Resources (FRL)?

Forensic Resources (FRL) allocates one case manager per case so that attention to detail is paramount and a single point of contact provides continuity throughout the duration of the working relationship.

Every expert witness report is personally appraised by the case manager to ensure all of the required criteria have been met and the standard of excellence we have achieved remains so.

Forensic Resources Ltd (FRL) delivers a professional service, and manages the casework to ensure that the experts' opinions are delivered against the stringent requirements of a legal team's requests.

We pride ourselves in providing a fast and efficient service to our clients. Our turnaround times are quick and our level of communication is high, to ensure that a prompt and efficient service is maintained and adheres to our ISO 9001 quality standard.

Given that the majority of our work comes from defence solicitors our general case flow is mostly focused on Blood Alcohol Content calculations (BAC/Back Calculations), DNA profiling, Handwriting analysis and Toxicology drug testing. However, we also provide services to firms outside of the legal domain.

To support the growing problem of fraud within the insurance industry Forensic Resources Ltd (FRL) provides insurance brokers and/or loss adjusters with a forensic expert document analysis and forensic handwriting analysis service to help identify fraudulent claims. Handwriting analysis is also used in any case whereby a signature may have be forged - opening our services to the wider market.

A confidential and impartial forensic analysis service has been a significant reason why Forensic Resources now provides forensic analysis services for private investigators across the UK. Our ability to provide accurate results within a short period of time has built up a strong reputation within the forensics industry.

As one of the country's leading Blood Alcohol ContentAnalysis providers, Forensic Resources works with a wide range of private sector clients to provide blood alcohol testing to assure health and safety regulations are met. Popular within the transport industry, Forensic Resources provides drug and alcohol testing services either as part of an ongoing surveillance of employees, one off random test or incident related testing.

Our experienced forensic analysts also offer analysis to the consumables industry to help reduce sabotage and fraudulent activity within the food and drink industry across the UK. We have been contracted to work on a number of cases where 'malicious intent' could have cost a company millions of pounds in legal and production costs.

We do undertake work in many other disciplines including:


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